Fever Ray Takes The “Plunge”

The Knife's Karin Dreijer is back—and she's looking for some action.

On her new album, theatrical, challenging and pleasantly creepy electro-pop singer Fever Ray (nee Karin Dreijer) isn’t afraid to name the kind of love—and sex—she desires.

Plunge is second solo offering from Dreijer, formerly of The Knife, and her first in eight years. It’s fiercely queer, with lines like “I want to run my fingers up your pussy” (“To The Moon And Back”) and mentions of “queer healing” (“Falling”).

To The Moon And Back

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On “A Part of Us,” the Swedish singer muses about the fragile safety of queer nightclubs, warning, “what we are brings the wrong kind of attention out here.”

And there’s a healthy dose of anger in “This Country”: “Every time we fuck we win/This house makes it hard to fuck/This country makes it hard to fuck!”

With an ex-husband behind her, Dreijer is also opening up about her own sexuality: “I’m definitely a queer person, but I’m very gender-fluid, I think.” she tells The Guardian. When she’s on Tinder, “I go for the ones that define themselves as women.”

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She prefaced Plunge’s release with a teaser detailing her desires like a personal ad: “Sadist, empathetic switch seeks same for hours and hours of sharing: ideas, skin warmth, breath, politics, dreams, and body fluids.”

Feeling lonely tonight?

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Think you have what it takes to please Fever Ray? Then, c’mon, take the Plunge

Plunge is on sale now. Fever Ray’s European tour kicks off February 19 in Austria.

Trish Bendix is a Los Angeles-based writer.