Bisexual Teen Commits Suicide After Being Repeatedly Bullied At School

"Words can kill a person," says the sister of 17-year-old Sophia Santos.

A bisexual teen from the Philippines committed suicide last month after being repeatedly bullied in school.

After 17-year-old Sophia Santos came out as bi in a Facebook post, classmates mocked her appearance, sexuality, and gender identity, even telling Santos she should take her own life. She died on January 24, just months before her high school graduation.

Her sister, Czarine, says she’ll never forget Santos’ “beautiful eyes and smile.”

“It’s been so hard to think and unbelievable, what happened to our family,” Czarine wrote on Facebook. “To all the students who bullied my sister because of her appearance and gender, may you all find peace of mind. You destroyed someone’s future. You destroyed a family… Words can kill a person.”

The post has been shared by more than 38,000 Facebook users.

Studies suggest that bisexuals are more likely to struggle with mental illness than lesbian, gay, or straight people. A 2012 report from HRC found that only 5% of bisexual teens reported being “very happy,” compared to 8% of gay and lesbian youth.

Last November, bi British teen Harry Corbett hanged himself on a cruise after a friend made an anti-gay comment during a heated argument.

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