Film Critic Slams “Moonlight” As An “Awful, One-Note” Movie For A “Straight, White” Audience

Camilla Long thinks the progressive film is "a terrible wasteland."

Moonlight is slated to take home a trophy or two at this weekend’s Academy Awards for its portrayal of an impoverished gay black man, but one film critic thinks it’s an “awful, one-note picture of the African-American community’s attitude to gay sex.”

Camilla Long reviewed the film for The Sunday Times, a British paper known for leaning to the right, and argues that there’s nothing “urgent” about a story that’s been told “countless times, against countless backdrops.” (Because we’re always flooded with films about poverty-stricken gay people of color.)

Moonlight barely has 10 minutes of plot,” she wrote in the review. “I’m not even sure it’s fair to call it a plot, more a hazy one-page meander through the journey of a gay man.”

Long also declares the movie isn’t relevant, arguing that the audience will be mostly “straight, white, middle class,” and reiterated the opinion on Twitter by saying “it’s a film for a non-black, non-gay, non-working class, chin-stroking, self-regarding, turbo smug audience.”

The critic, a white woman herself, shut down any white people on Twitter who tried to disagree with her scathing review, but remained quiet when a black man chimed in with praise for the film.

“I loved Moonlight. I’m black, gay and working class and had no idea who you were before your racist review,” wrote Dean Atta. “You know nothing of what Moonlight means to black gay men. It’s not for you to question its relevance to us.”

h/t: Heat Street

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