“A-List: New York” Reunion Recap: “The Easy A-List” – Plus, Dallas Gets Wet & Wild

Because there can never be too many images of me super-imposed in front of fleshy Rodiney, thank you.

A wise man once said “The A-List is a crowded room.” And now kids, it’s at capacity! Yep, last night we had both the big final half of the two-part, season-ending “A-List: New York” Mega-Reunion Special, and a new “A-List: Dallas” episode. Yeesh, who knew there were so many available important people?

The final #AListNY smackdown was hosted by daytime talk diva Wendy Williams, who split her time refereeing as Austin got into scratchy fuss-fests with both Nyasha and Derek, and then as peacemaker as Derek and Austin made up (again) and hugged it out. And with that… Season 2 was ovah (and well… over.)

That round of shenanigans was followed by a second week of “The A-List: Dallas,” whose denizens have promptly stampeded their way into reality-TV-land with gutsy, scandal-provoking aplomb. Well done, kids!!!

Booze-brunching, party-throwing, steer-roping, drink-tossing, fist-flying, hard-praying, swaggering and sexy… These Dallas folks are hell-bent on keeping us entertained. Saddle up and hold on!

WATCH, please.


And just because I can never just post this video recap stuff without some extra photo silliness… Scroll down.

AND… If you need to catch up on the full episodes of Season 2 of “A-List: New York”, you can watch all episodes at LogoTV.com. And you can see the premiere episode of “A-List: Dallas,” too.

And most importantly, you can watch all of my delirious recaps, “The Easy A-List” and get the entire season in speedy little 4-minute doses. I recommend chasing it with a stiff drink.

Cheers & Enjoy the rest of the “A-List: Dallas” season, folks!

Now those extra pics…

Austin's butt cheeks just make people happy. Especially Austin.

Sometimes her weave is the only Kleenex a crying lady has...

It's a law of physics: When Austin cries, Nyasha laughs.

Don't get touchy. It's a "rodeo" term. Really!!!

And finally…

When a cowboy gasps, it looks like this.

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