Fiona Apple’s New Song Is Amaze, May Win Her An Oscar: Listen

fiona apple dull tool

Sing gurl.

Fiona Apple recorded an original song for the upcoming Judd Apatow flickĀ This Is 40, the first time she has written a song directly for a film, and the result, “Dull Tool,” is amazing. In fact, Fiona may be getting herself an Oscar with this gem. What’s up now Paul Thomas Anderson?

Head here to hear the song in full, and just wonder how this will play into the film that is a sequel of sort to Knocked Up. Especially the bridge: “You don’t kiss when you kiss. You don’t fu*k when you f*ck. You don’t say what you mean. You don’t talk loud enough.”

Our hope of course is that Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd do a karaoke duet to the jam halfway through the film.

Fingers crossed.

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