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Fire Claims Four Homes In Fire Island Pines

Fire Island has been a gay getaway since the early 1960s.

Four homes in Fire Island Pines, the popular New York gay getaway, were consumed by fire on Thursday.

One homeowner, George Thomas Wilson, posted on Facebook early Friday morning that his house on Cedar Walk (below), as well as three others burned to the ground.

According to Wilson, 153 Cedar Walk, 154 and 155 Ocean Walk, and 168 Pine Walk were all destroyed, though it is not known if other properties were damaged. It’s not believed any homeowners were injured in the blaze, though several firefighters were treated for injuries.

Firefighters rushed over on boats around 1 a.m., and are still on the scene spraying water on hot embers.

Officials say the fire started at 154 Ocean Walk, and winds quickly blew flames to the surrounding bungalows. Fire crews arrived around 1am and were able to stop the blaze before it consumed more homes. The house featured on Logo’s Fire Island is located across the boardwalk at 150 Ocean Walk, but there have been no reports that home was damaged in the blaze.

The Pines is renowned for its unique modernist beach houses, many of which were designed by gay architect Horace Gifford. But their wooden construction, and the community’s isolation from the mainland, make fires an ongoing concern.

A blaze destroyed the Pavilion, the Pines’ main nightclub, in 2011. Four years later, the Grove Hotel in the Pines’ sister community, Cherry Grove, was also consumed in a fire, along with several neighboring homes.

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