First Dates Hotel/Channel 4

This Trans Man’s First Date With Another Guy Is Absolutely Adorable

“I’ve dated my fair share of women," says Nick on "First Dates Hotel." "But I would love to date a guy.”

On the U.K. reality show First Dates Hotel, a trans guy went on his first date with another man, and the results were positively heartwarming.

The show, a spinoff of Channel 4’s First Dates, pairs contestants up on blind date at a cafe in a high-end Italian resort. If the date goes well, the couple have the option of sticking around for another date.

In the episode, Nick, a 24-year-old trans man from Glasgow, nervously confessed that although he identifies as pansexual, he’s never dated a man before. “I’ve dated my fair share of women, but I would love to date a guy.”

After Nick meets his date, a cis gay man named Lewis, the two immediately hit it off—bonding over geek culture, being from Glasgow, and their mutual nervousness, among other things.

A few minutes in, Nick discloses his gender identity to Lewis: “I’m just gonna tell you, right, I’m trans.”

Lewis responds with some surprise, “Wait, really?”

“Yeah,” Nick says. “Um, I used to be female. Now I’m fully male.”

He then briefly shares the story of his transition and how his family has been supportive. Lewis nods, taking the revelation in stride, before they move on to other topics. Later, Lewis reveals during a confessional that he finds Nick’s confidence really attractive.

“The fact that he feels 100% comfortable in himself now, that came across to me,” he tells the camera. He adds with a giggle, “And I thought it was actually kind of hot.”

At the end of the date, Lewis walked Nick to his hotel room, and the pair share a sweet goodnight kiss. They both tell producers they’re up for another date.

“To be honest, I was kind of nervous at first, because I’ve not seen a lot of people who are transgender on TV,” Nick told PinkNews. “I thought if I went onto this kind of show I would get a lot of bad feedback. But it’s been the complete opposite and it’s been quite surprising.”

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