First Gay Wedding On North Carolina Military Base Is Goofy And Adorable: WATCH

Gay Wedding

Major Daniel Toven and his husband Johnathan Taylor were officially blessed on one of North Carolina’s largest military bases.  Since gay marriage is still illegal in The Tar Heel State, the couple had previously been lawfully wed in Washington D.C.

However, the couple was the first same-sex partnership to exchange vows and receive this kind of an Episcopal Blessing on this official military base.

Major Toven, a military band commander, and Taylor, a nurse, have been pleasantly surprised by the acceptance they feel from the Military community.  Having encountered no opposition to the ceremony, Toven told the Fayetteville Observer: “We’ve been taken by surprise by the pace of change on Fort Bragg … For me, it was my hope that someday before I retired that I might see the repeal of don’t ask, don’t tell. This? I never imagined in a million years. It’s a dream come true.”

Walking through the Arch of Swords, the two exchanged a series of goofy kisses celebrating their love.

Watch the adorable video, below!

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