“Kill Your Darlings” Trailer Has Arrived

We’ve been anticipating this film for some time, and now at least we have a trailer to obsess over. Daniel Radcliffe plays gay beat poet Allen Ginsberg in Kill Your Darlings. The title comes from a William Faulkner quote… “In writing you must kill all your darlings” and the movie focuses on a young Ginsberg and a murder in the midst of the New York City circle of the Beat Generation in the 1940s.

The movie has already screened at Sundance and other festivals and has received very positive reviews, with Radcliffe being singled out for praise. The Hollywood Reporter writes that he “anchors the film with well-judged vulnerability. And one scene in which he decisively embraces his sexuality likely will be viewed as a major step for the actor toward distancing himself from the Harry Potter persona. The boy wizard never pinned his knees behind his ears.”

Check out Radcliffe with Ben Foster, Michael C. Hall, Dane DeHaan and Jennifer Jason Leigh in this suspenseful first clip.

The film will show at the Toronto Film Festival on September 10th and gets a theatrical release on October 16th.