Meet The First Male Disney Princess: “Princesses Can Be Hairy!”

Bow down to Princess Turdina in "Star vs. the Forces of Evil."

Albeit briefly and with little fanfare, Disney recently unveiled its first “boy princess.”

In an episode of Disney XD’s hit animated series Star vs. the Forces of Evil, a young male character named Marco disguises himself as Princess Turdina to infiltrate St. Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses. After Marco empowers his princess pals, the headmistress, Ms. Heinous, clocks his chest hair and tries to expose what she calls his “dark secret.”

“That doesn’t prove anything,” says one princess in the crowd. “Princesses can be hairy!”

But Marco removes his dress and wig, admitting, “I lied to you. I am a boy.”

Disney Channel

“Why does it matter if he’s a boy?” asks another princess. “Nothing he said was wrong.”

“Yeah, he can think for himself and so can we!”

“He can be a princess if he wants to!”

“Turdina is a state of mind!”

All’s well that ends well, but will audiences ever see Princess Turdina again? Not likely.

“Well, looks like Turdina’s gone for good,” Marco says. “That corset was killing me.”

Star vs. the Forces of Evil also aired Disney’s first same-sex kiss earlier this year.

See Princess Turdina’s brief reign below.

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