First Openly Gay Navy SEAL Says He Endured Anti-Gay Harassment While Serving In Afghanistan


Brett Jones, the first openly gay Navy SEAL, has filed an internal complaint against the CIA after allegedly enduring anti-gay harassment that caused him mental and physical harm while on assignment in Afghanistan last month.

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Jones, who penned the memoir Pride: The Story of the First Openly Gay Navy SEAL, told the San Diego Union-Tribune that right off the bat he felt discrimination from his comrades as he was forced to walk a quarter mile to the military compound from where his helicopter landed.

Things seemed wrong as soon as his helicopter landed near his post in Afghanistan last month. Typically there was someone to pick up new arrivals and drive them and their gear to their headquarters. Not this time.

When he arrived at the base, Jones claims the floor of his room was extremely dirty, and the sheets on his bed “smelled of feces.”


Aside from hearing the word “faggot” thrown around whenever he was present, the worst incident came when the team was testing vehicles in the desert terrain. While Jones was out of the vehicle he had traveled in, his fellow SEALs left him in 120 degree weather without water. Jones was forced to walk much of the way back before the car finally came back for him.

The CIA says they are taking these allegations “very seriously,” and have already begun an investigation.

Meanwhile, Jones fears his complaining will only alienate him more within the agency.

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