First Pic Of Chris Colfer On The “AbFab” Set

Plus five scenarios for his role

Gay sprite Chris Colfer has many accolades and triumphs in his relatively short Hollywood career. Since joining Glee, he’s garnered two Emmy nominations, a Golden Globe award, and launched an entire industry devoted to gifs.

The origin of the phrase “broke the internet.”


But Glee was really just the stepping stone. Chris has proven he’s a man of many talents, writing, starring, and exec. producing 2012’s Struck By Lightning, as well as becoming an author, penning the bestselling series of children’s books The Land Of Stories.


Last year he announced he was going to play the young Noel Coward in a biopic about the British playwright, the kind of role that can catapult a young actor into a serious film career.

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But all of those accomplishments pale in comparison to what’s about to happen to Mr. Colfer. He’s been given the opportunity to be part of history. To live the ultimate dream and experience something that will make him a God among men.

He is the chosen one.

He’s starring in the Absolutely Fabulous movie.

There is no word on what role Chris will be playing, but here are five scenarios we offer to Jennifer Saunders, free of charge!

1. Having fired her assistant Bubble for the umpteenth time, Edina hires Bubble’s little brother Guppy to replace her. Unfortunately, Guppy proves to be just as scatterbrained as his sister.

2. Edina’s estranged son Serge comes home for a visit and brings along his new boyfriend. Edina corrupts him.

3. He’s Patsy’s long lost son!

4. He becomes BFF’s with Saffron, and the two of them become the new Patsy and Edina.

5. Chris plays himself, moving to London and hiring Edina as his new manager. Lulu becomes jealous, and attempts to have him killed.

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