Fish’s Flounder: Scott Evans Posts Nude Selfies

Prurient: having or showing too much interest in sex

We’ve been accused in the past of pandering to prurient interests, and we do take the criticism to heart. However … when a TBL all-time favorite like Scott Evans decides to post nude selfies for the world to see … we have to think about the greater good.

Out actor Scott (brother of Captain America star Chris) is best known as Police Cop Oliver Fish on One Life To Live, and was one half of the show’s gay supercouple Kish (along with Brett Claywell as Kyle Lewis). For a while, they were the “it” gay couple on daytime TV, until they were unceremoniously dumped by TPTB.

Since then, Scott has had small roles in episodic TV, and an unfortunate run-in with the law last year.

And now, Scott has decided to join the growing trend of public figures posting nude selfies for the world to see. These are the only two pics we can post here, but OMG Blog has the complete set.

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