Five Dollars/Five Minutes: Lambda Legal & State Adoption Laws

What you can do to help protect the rights of LGBT families.

This ongoing feature directs you to simple, inexpensive tools to fighting discrimination and protecting the rights of the LGBT community—and all people—endangered by the Trump administration. #Resist

Got $5?

With a hostile White House and an unsympathetic Congress, federal LGBT rights hang in the balance—and our best defense is in the court of law.

Despite the Supreme Court refusing to hear a crucial case for transgender rights, district courts around the country have ruled in favor of LGBT citizens and stalled—or outright halted—some of President Donald Trump’s more outrageous executive orders.

For judges to keep ruling on the right side of history we need attorneys and legal professionals willing to fight for us. That’s why you should consider donating to Lambda Legal. The nonprofit takes cases like discrimination and hate violence to court and fights for LGBT rights at the district and national levels.

Got 5 minutes?

You know how the old rhyme goes: First comes love; then comes marriage. Then comes a state law allowing adoption agencies to deny your rights because of your sexual orientation.

Alabama, Georgia, and other states have already passed or advanced recent laws that would “protect” an adoption agency’s right to deny LGBT couples from adopting, because of their sexual orientation of the parents.

It won’t be long before someone in Washington, D.C., thinks this horrible legislation would be just great to have nationwide. Call your representatives and ask them to pledge not to introduce or support any national bill that would limit the rights of LGBT families. Find your U.S. Representatives here and your U.S. Senators here.

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