Five Reasons Why We LOVE ‘Roseanne’

Ride it!

Ride it!

There’s something strangely addicting about Roseanne. The minute it comes on our screens we just have to sit down and watch it, even if we’ve seen the episode hundreds of times before. Roseanne Connor easily our favorite TV mom and her family always manages to strike a chord in us, but why does the show do all those things?

Well here’s a list about why those of us at NewNowNext love, love, love Roseanne. We’d love to hear why you love her too!

It’s the realist sitcom

We all know our lives are never Leave It to Beaver or Brady Bunch perfect, nobody’s are. Everything doesn’t always end wrapped up with a perfect little bow and sometimes things are really tough. Roseanne was one of the first sitcoms to portray this. Dan and Roseanne both went through multiple jobs (some incredibly awful and some not so bad), risked losing their home, and argued with their kids. The kids themselves even had a number of problems that showed they weren’t absolutely perfect. Even the most “unrealistic” season ended on a note that resonated through us all and reminded us about why we fell in love with the show.

It features a young Johnny Galecki

Before brainy Lenard Hofstadter and The Big Bang Theory were even ideas, Johnny Galecki played the sweet, sensitive, and artistic David – boyfriend of middle daughter Darlene, brother of Mark, and almost surrogate son of Dan and Roseanne. David was so perfectly twined into the show that even when he wasn’t with Darlene, there was no way we weren’t going to see him in some way, shape, or form. Plus that scene where he cries on Dan after his breakup with Darlene never fails to make us simultaneously roll with laughter and want to give him the biggest hug.

Plus he’s barely aged since then. What is this witchcraft?

Nancy was one of the coolest characters on TV

Leave it to Sandra Bernhard to play one of the best characters to grace our TV screens in the 90s. Nancy was always a blast to watch because you never really knew what was going to come out of her mouth. We saw her evolve from just being Arnie’s “bimbo” wife, to coming out as a lesbian, and eventually stating her bisexuality. She was confident in her identity and never ashamed of herself, and we absolutely loved her for it. Plus her first girlfriend on the show was played by Morgan Fairchild, lucky lucky.

There were actually a lot of LGB characters on the show

We don’t know why it’s really just dawning on us, but there were actually a lot of gay and lesbian characters on the show besides Nancy! There was Leon and his husband, Scott, (who actually had a public ceremony on the show). We can’t forget any of Nancy’s girlfriends. Roseanne’s mother even came out as a lesbian during the show! Although that’s actually a bit complicated, don’t ask. The point is though that Roseanne was one of the most LGB-friendly shows on TV in the 90’s, and might even still hold that title. Good on you, Connors.

There was an entire musical scene that took place in a bathroom

Do we really need to say anymore? That episode was just pure gold – Roseanne systematically kills her kids and husband one-by-one and goes on a big musical trial for it, all because she wanted some time alone in the bath. Coolest. Dream sequence. Ever. Sure, this episode is on everyone’s lists, but there’s a reason for it.

Readers, what are your favorite reasons to love Roseanne? If you can’t think of any, or you just want to watch again, then you’re in luck! Starting this Monday (April 1st, 2013) from 4 to 6PM, Logo is going to be airing episodes of Roseanne! And after that you can catch it regularly on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoons. Once again we can all see America’s favorite TV family on screen and remember just why they deserve that title. Get excited!