45 Totally Fire Cosplay Looks From Flame Con 2018

So. Much. Spandex.

Flame Con, the largest LGBTQ-centered comics convention in the country, took over New York for a fourth year in the row. In the past the event was held in Brooklyn, but for the first time the NYC-local con brought the fire to Manhattan, at the Sheraton Times Square. For two days, the convention was packed with artists and fans alike in contests, panels, and buying and selling of merch in Artist Alley.

There were so many things that made this year’s Flame Con amazing, and the cosplay was no exception. Scroll through below to see some of our favorite cosplayers from this year’s convention.

I had such a great experience at @instaflamecon today. This has always been one of my favorite cons, and I always have a great time meeting old and new friends, seeing amazing people being their amazing selves. Today I wore my Hela the Goddess of Death costume. The headpiece and sword are made by my incredible bestie @caroldaturariot. She even got me the pride flag so I could cross the Rainbow Bridge. I though it would be fun to join the costume parade. I never expected such an amazing response from the audience! Wow!!!! Everyone was cheering and I hadn't even said anything yet. Thank you, @instaflamecon for making a girl FEEL like a goddess! I won Best Stage Performance!!! Thank you everyone! Thank you, audience! Thank you, judges! Thank you, @caroldaturariot for the Hela cosplay and the confidence booster, and thank you @tea_time_for_mad_girls for extra help with the makeup and cape drapery. . . The Hela headpiece and sword are available on @caroldaturariot's Etsy shop, The Potions Mistress. #Flamecon #Hela #helathegoddessofdeath #helathegoddessofdeathcosplay #helaragnarok #rainbowbridge #thepotionsmistress #caroldaturariot #cosplayprops #pride #kneelbeforeyourqueen #darlingyouhavenoideawhatspossible #teatimeformadgirls

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The #Phoenix has risen. #Flamecon

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remember to hydrate and get plenty of rest!!!

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