Flight Attendant Goes Viral With Perfect Recreation Of Britney’s “Toxic” Video

The only thing missing is the nude rhinestone bodysuit.

From the moment Britney Spears first shimmied down the airplane aisle in her 2004 video for “Toxic,” we’ve all dreamt of recreating the iconic routine.

AirAsia employee Assraf Nasir carried out our dreams recently by lip-syncing to the hit track before one of his flights, and the video of his performance has now gone viral.

The flight attendant is working every inch of the airplane, showcasing moves with the beverage cart that are nothing short of sensational. The viral video, which was first posted to Twitter by his coworker, was even praised by the airline’s CEO.

Nasir’s moves now join the ranks of previous flight attendant videos that have gone viral, including this man’s “Born This Way” lip sync extravaganza and this cute airline employee who delivered the deboarding instructions in nothing but “Looney Tunes” voices.

But when it comes to taking us so high that we can’t come down, you can’t beat Britney.

h/t: Out

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