Former Baywatch star Jaason Simmons comes out, gets engaged, adopts

You have to admit there was always something pretty gay about Baywatch what with all those perfect male (oh, yeah, and female) bodies perfectly shot frolicking in the California surf (not to mention Pamela Anderson). Well, now there is something officially gay about the show. Former Baywatch actor Jaason Simmons, who played lifeguard Logan Fowler, has come out in an Australian paper. He’s not only come out as gay, but engaged and a soon-to-be-dad.

Later this year, Jaason is going to Canada to marry boyfriend John O’Callaghan, an Irish actor already the parent of six-year-old Odin, who he adopted two years ago from Uganda.

Jaason circa mid-90’s, Jaason today, John O’Callaghan

Jaason not only still works in Hollywood, but is an activist to save the rainforests in his native Tasmania and, presumably, now for gay rights as Australia does not allow gays to marry. Just for fun, here is a clip of Jaason as Logan "saving" a drowning victim. (And thanks to reader Chris for the tip!)