Fox News Correspondent Calls Amtrak Engineer’s Sexuality “A Factor” In Deadly Crash

Aerial View of Amtrak Train Derailment in Philadelphia

The engineer at the helm of the Amtrak train that derailed and killed at least seven passengers near Philadelphia on Tuesday was 32-year-old Queens resident Brandon Bostian, a New York transplant from San Francisco.

Bostian is a gay man—cited by some outlets as a “gay activist” because he was active in the fight against California’s Proposition 8. In 2012, he told The Midtown Gazette: “It’s kind of insulting to have to beg people for my right to marry. I feel like we shouldn’t even have to have this fight.”


His sexuality hasn’t been reported on by major media organizations because it’s completely irrelevant.

But it is oddly “interesting” to anti-gay bigots, who’ve been inferring Bostian’s sexuality somehow “caused” the horrific derailment.

Right Wing Watch notes a few extremists linking the two, none as awful as Sandy Rios, the governmental affairs director of the hate group American Family Association and regular Fox News contributor. Today on her AFA radio program, she cited Bostian’s sexuality as “a factor” in the crash.

Amtrak Train Derailment Causes Mass Injuries In Philadelphia

Rios claimed, in an editorialized transcript via RWW:

HEADSHOT“… I’m not inferring that this accident happened because he was gay, but I do think it’s an interesting part of the story and you can bet it would be edited out,” Rios said.

She then suggested that the engineer could have possibly been “going through some confusion that has to do with the very core of who they are,” and mentioned the story of an airline pilot who “put his entire plane at risk because he had an emotional, angry outburst to something that happened,” which she says was related to hormone therapy he was receiving.

Rios added: “I don’t know, but I think it is something to be discussed and I think it’s a factor and I doubt you will hear it anywhere else.”

Bostian, who claims he has no recollection of what caused the accident—even though the train was speeding 50 miles over the speed limit on a curve—is resting before being interviewed by police.

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