Fox News Panelist Compares Transgender Kids To Kids Who Think They Are Dogs


Two misguided Fox News pundits — one lesbian and one “feminist” — sat across from Elisabeth Hasselbeck this week to criticize a Kittery, Maine school for reading a book about a transgender girl to kindergarteners, comparing transgender children to children who think they are dogs.

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The book in question — children’s book I Am Jazz, which tells the true story of a young child “with a boy’s body but a girl’s brain” — was initially chosen by Horace Mitchell Primary School guidance counselor Dana Richerich, who wrote in February that new Maine legislation acknowledging transgender rights in schools “highlighted the need for ALL of us — staff, students, parents, community — to learn more.”

The book was read to a class of kindergarteners and made the Fox News “Trouble With Schools” segment after a parent complained.

Tammy Bruce, the pundit who constantly reminds viewers she is a lesbian in the segment below, called the book a “projection of our issues as adults onto children.” She argues that bigoted parents opposed to teaching children about transgender issues are also incorrectly labeled bigots.

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Bruce and the “feminist” pundit to her left, Susan Lipkins, routinely confuse gender and sexuality. Lipkins claims children are “absolutely not” ready to learn about transgender issues because children are “not thinking in a conceptual way” and have constantly changing “sexualities.”

“It’s insane to say a child has a boy’s body in a girl’s brain,” she yells. “What is a girl’s brain!?”

“At one point when I was a child, I thought I was a cocker spaniel,” Bruce added, “and there’s a point when we have these fantasies where we think we’re Superman, where we can fly, where we’re the cat. This is childhood.”

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