Frank Bruni Writes Incredible Coming Out Story

This one likes writing tear-jerkers. (Getty)

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni had written about his personal experiences as a gay man before, but nothing as personal as his most recent column. He goes into an in-depth explanation of how accepting his father has become of him.

Bruni’s coming out story doesn’t include a big dramatic conflict. His father isn’t a huge bigot who has been completely transformed. The change in his dad’s acceptance of having a gay son was much more subtle, and in turn, quite poignant. We dare you to keep dry eyes while reading.

It is well worth a read, but if you still need more convincing, here are some highlights from Bruni’s article:

  • “It was just so unusual to me,” [Bruni’s dad] recalled, groping for the right word. He’d heard it said that gay people were somehow stunted, maybe even ill. But that made no sense to him, because he was confident that I was neither of those things.
  • “There’s prejudice out there, and it’s good to fight that,” he said, adding that visibility and openness are obviously integral to that battle. “I’m convinced that people who don’t accept gays just don’t really know any of them.”
  • Grabbing the check for once, I confessed that I’d long felt a measure of guilt about the extra burden I’d confronted him with, the added struggle. He shook his head: “I almost think I love you more for it — for being what you are rather than what was expected of you.”

Goosebumps yet?