Frank Ocean Just Launched an Invite-Only Queer Dance Party in NYC

Are you on the guest list for "PrEP+"?

Frank Ocean is bringing his stylistic flair to the New York City club scene: The acclaimed musician has launched “PrEP+,” an invite-only queer dance party.

The Blonde singer’s first “PrEP+” party is scheduled for tonight, Thursday, October 17, from “10pm to late” at a currently undisclosed location in NYC, Pitchfork reports.

Frank Ocean

The event borrows its name from the modern HIV-prevention drug, with Ocean explaining that it is an “homage” to “what could have been of the 1980s NYC club scene if the drug… had been invented in that era.”

There are a few house rules for the bash, though they’re the kind of guidelines we can all get behind:

No photos or videos are allowed

Consent is mandatory

Zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any form of discrimination

The dance floor is for dancing

Wondering how to get tickets? Unfortunately, if you haven’t already, you’re probably out of luck. “PrEP+” is invite-only, and according to the press release, tickets have already been distributed. (Ticket holders will apparently receive emails with details about the venue later this evening.)

Ocean first addressed his sexual orientation in 2012, when he wrote a Tumblr post about a relationship he had with another man at the age of 19. He famously resists labels, although plenty of fans have pointed to his lyrics as evidence of his queerness.

Just one more question: Where’s that new music, Frank? His most recent full-length, 2016’s Blonde topped Pitchfork’s best albums of the decade list last week, so we’re guessing whatever’s next will be another hit. He has said he’s already working on a new album, which Pitchfork reports will be influenced by “Detroit, Chicago, techno, house, French electronic,” and other “iterations of nightlife.”

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