Frank Ocean Explains Why You Won’t Find Him on Dating Apps

The queer singer reveals he's been in a relationship for three years.

Frank Ocean, who is notoriously cagey about his personal life, reveals in a new interview that he is in a long-term relationship.

“I don’t use dating apps. I’ve been in a relationship for three years,” the 31-year-old singer-songwriter tells Gayletter. “I definitely wasn’t using dating apps before then. I don’t think I would use dating apps now.”

“I fuck with Marc Jacobs’ philosophy on that, so, I wouldn’t rule it out, but it is a little hectic being a famous person on dating app,” the enigmatic artist continues. When the interviewer suggests “too many agendas,” Ocean replies, “Yeah.”

Jacobs, who publicly defended his right to seek out sex as a gay man, quit Grindr in 2015 after it was reported the fashion designer used the app to host a 10-person orgy.

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Ocean also tells Gayletter that he’s only “seen a few episodes” of RuPaul’s Drag Race: “But I don’t really keep up with it like I should.” However, he says it “would be the most likely” TV talent show on which he’d appear as a guest judge.

Ocean first addressed his sexuality in 2012, recounting on Tumblr a relationship he had with another man when he was 19.

While many have pointed to Ocean’s lyrics as evidence of his bisexuality, Ocean has never publicly labeled himself.

Four years after his celebrated debut, Channel Orange, Ocean released his sophomore album, Blonde, in 2016.

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