Frank Ocean Gets Matt Groening “Homo vs. Hetero” Tattoo

The new queer ink features a cartoon about equal love from "The Simpsons" creator's comic strip "Life in Hell."

Singer and actor Frank Ocean is sporting new, queer ink.

Ocean shared the tattoo, which is on his thigh, on his Instagram story. It features part of a Matt Groening cartoon that predates The Simpsons, from his strip Life in Hell, and focuses on the lack of differences between same-sex and opposite-sex relationships.

The cartoon asks which is better, “Homo vs. Hetero,” and then shows that the advantages and disadvantages to the relationships are identical. Ocean’s tattoo is of the same-sex couple. Life in Hell began as a self-published book in 1977, to describe life in Los Angeles to his friends. It ran weekly until 2012.

Ocean revealed himself to be a fan with the cover of his single “Pyramids,” off his debut album Channel Orange, featuring Simpsons-stylized characters.

frank ocean pyramids
Def Jam/Frank Ocean

In other Ocean news, the 2016 print magazine Boys Don’t Cry, released in conjunction with his sophomore album Blonde, was re-released with a limited-edition run. But don’t get too excited, because it sold out fast.

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