Frankie Grande Gets A Good Humping From Caleb On “Big Brother”: WATCH

caleb-humpStunt queen alert! Ring the alarm! The homoerotic threeway of the summer between Big Brother 16 housemates Frankie, Zack and Caleb took a humpy turn this week. Frankie straddled himself into a bro sandwich and we’re all better for it.

When Zack calls Caleb a clown, he responded the way any metrosexual/maybe homophobic cowboy would: by the humping the hell out of him. Frankie Grande, poster boy for the homo-honeypot, got in on the action by mounting Zack while Caleb continued to grind away.

Usually you have to pay extra for for this kind of show, but BB16 is giving it to you free of charge. It’s called quality. Check out the humpathon below, via The Gaily Grind:

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