Two U.K. Venues Ban Trump Ally Franklin Graham Over His Anti-LGBTQ Preaching

The evangelical preacher is crying "discrimination."

Evangelist Franklin Graham has been banned from appearing at two arenas in England over his anti-LGBTQ views, with possibly more cancellations to come, and it has left him crying “discrimination.”

On Wednesday, Sheffield City Trust (SCT), which runs the venue, announced he was no longer welcome to appear there in June, The Guardian reports.

Franklin Graham
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Julie Dore, the Sheffield city council leader, said the evangelical preacher “demonstrated his intent on creating divisions with his discriminatory and repulsive views,” which could “affect the long-established values that we all hold so dear in Sheffield.”

The ACC Liverpool also previously cancelled Graham’s event to be held there, at M&S Arena, with the city’s mayor posting a statement to Twitter on Sunday that left no doubt as to the cause: Graham’s homophobic and transphobic worldview.

In Glasgow, the board of the Scottish Events Campus was said to be meeting this week to consider cancelling one of his events there as well. Graham is also still, as of now at least, set to appear in Newcastle, Milton Keynes, Cardiff, Birmingham, and London.

After the announcement of the Liverpool event’s cancellation, the North Carolina-based preacher said he believed he was “being discriminated against” over his “religious beliefs.”

“Cancelling venue contracts based on the demands of one very vocal group, without consideration for the views and rights of the Christians who contracted for the venue, including the views of thousands of other Christians who support it and who would be negatively impacted, does far more to harm and divide society than simply letting the events go on as planned,” he added.

Graham defended his views in a Facebook post, framing himself as simply a Bible-believing hater of all “sins.” As The Charlotte Observer’s editorial board rightly noted, Graham, despite his claims of being concerned with all “sin,” has shown a particular obsession with LGBTQ issues.

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