The French Fight For Equality With Kisses

LGBT people kissing in front of Hôtel de Ville by f100001572602509

People in Paris locked lips in honor of equality on Nov. 15, staging a huge gay “kiss-in” in front of the Hotel de Ville. The equality debate in France is getting intense, with some homophobics taking interesting tactics like organizing very weird flashmobs. A French kiss-a-thon sounds like the perfect response!

The demonstration supporting the “marriage for all” bill seemed like a huge success, many people turned up to stand next to each other and make out. Videographer Morgane Thibault was there to document the symbolic rally. The bill proposes extending marriage and adoption rights for homosexual couples.

A protest involving a large group of LGBT people French kissing (sorry, too easy) just seems so quintessentially French.

We’re sorry, we missed it.