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Nicole Struggles To Come Out To Her Father Tonight On “Fresh Off The Boat”

In a softball-themed episode, no less.

Fresh Off The Boat has had some inclusive moments, including Rex Lee’s turn as a flamboyant family friend. But tonight the ABC sitcom gets a bit deeper as Nicole (Luna Blaise) tells her father she’s a lesbian.


In the Season 4 premiere last month, Eddie’s crush-turned-confidant disclosed to him she might prefer girls.

“I’m sorry if I made things weird,” Nicole told a confused Eddie. “I’ve never told anyone that before and it feels really strange saying it out loud. But you’re my friend and you’re easy to talk to so I thought you would understand, you know? Please don’t tell anybody yet. I’m still trying to figure stuff out.”

Tonight’s episode, “A League Of Her Own” has Nicole preparing to come out to her dad, Marvin (Ray Wise), and hoping she won’t disappoint him.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Fresh Off The Boat creator Nahnatchka Khan is an out lesbian and the show is filled with queer themes: Eddie’s mom, Jessica (Constance Woo), loves to hang out at the local lesbian bar, The Denim Turtler. Tonight she coaches their softball team to prove to husband Louis (Randall Park) that she’s better at it than he is.


Need more gay in your Fresh Off The Boat? Next week, George Takei makes a cameo as Bernard, Grandma’s ESL teacher—and potential love interest.

ABC/Richard Cartwright
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