Friday Web Roundup: Hair whipping, Sexy Gleeks and Chic Geeks!


Skins comes to America

The popular British teen drama Skins is coming to MTV in January 2011, and the network released a new promo for the show. The show is meant to be super gritty and be a realistic portrait of what drugged-up, horny teenagers are really like. It reminds me of MTV’s old show Undressed (which I loved), so I’m intrigued. Quick, try and guess who the gay character is!

Facebook profile dissection, more horny teenagers and fierce head banging after the jump!

Willow Smith whips it real hard

So the Internet went crazy this week with the premiere of Willow Smith’s debut music video for her song “Whip My Hair.” This video is insane in all the right ways. It has dancing babies, Pollock-inspired hair painting, more head spinning then the Exorcist and even the fabulous Leiomy from Vogue Evolution (you can see her in red basically spinning herself into the ground around the 2:30 and 3:18 minute marks)! How is she nine? I mean really, she was born in the aughts. If only we all could have mega movie-star parents.

This is just a portion of the geeky style flow chart. Mashable’s got the full image!

The evolution of geek

Mashable created a really cute infographic on the evolution of geeks over the years. I’m proud to be a geek and am also quite happy that being a geek is quite chic now. So what kind of geek are you? I fit into about five different categories myself. Head over to Mashable and see which kind you are!

Well this didn’t happen in the hallways of my school…well, not in the main hallways at least.

Glee gets raunchy

So unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen or heard about the quite racy Glee editorial in the next issue of GQ featuring Lea Michele, Dianna Agron and Cory Monteith. It’s been pretty much described in every which way possibly: sexy, obscene, misogynist, empowering, etc. You name it, it’s been thrown around. Why don’t you just head over to GQ’s site and be the judge for yourself? My only wish is that the boys decide to do their own shirtless, sexy shoot in an upcoming issue of either Cosmo or Out. Fair is fair, yes?

Further dissecting Facebook

With all the hoopla surrounding the Social Network, everybody is figuring out everything they can about Facebook. Gawker decided to list the different styles of profile pictures and lets their readers know what each type says about the user. Want to know what your profile pic says about you?

I’m a combination portrait/scrapbook, so I’m apparently a narcissist who has never changed and never will amount to anything. Thanks Gawker.