A Closeted Movie Star Finds An Unlikely Romance In “Front Cover”

"Love is always in style."

Directed by Raymond Yeung, Front Cover explores the unlikely romance that blossoms between a closeted Chinese movie star and an out NYC stylist.

From L to R: Ning (James Chen) and Ryan (Jake Choi) watch sleeping parents, Yen (Elizabeth Sung) and BA (Ming Lee)

Ryan (Jake Choi) is forced to examine his life and his relationship with his family after he becomes unlikely friends with Ning, a famous but closeted Chinese actor (James Chen). When a gossip rag runs a story claiming the two are an item, things get complicated fast.



The film evokes Ang Lee’s The Wedding Banquet, another film where sexuality and traditional Asian values collide. Director Ray Yeung’s 2006 debut feature, Cut Sleeve Boys received critical acclaim and won Best Feature at the Outfest Fusion Festival.

Front Cover opens in New York on August 5 and in L.A. on August 12.

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