How The “Frozen” Broadway Musical Is Connected To “Brokeback Mountain”

We see you, Disney.

Let it go, Jack Twist, let it go.

The Broadway musical version of Frozen is currently in previews at the St. James Theater in New York, and someone on Twitter noticed something strange about the posters advertising the new stage show:


The Frozen musical is using the same tagline as the 2005 gay classic/Best Picture shouldabeen Brokeback Mountain:

Now, as Mashable points out, when Frozen uses the line, “Love is a force of nature,” it literally means weather, unlike when Brokeback used it to mean the power of love. Still, it just further fuels the theory that Elsa, one of the musical’s leads, is a lesbian.

Jennifer Lee, the director of the animated version of Frozen, recently told Newsweek how there were “’tons of conversations’ about a lesbian story arc for Queen Elsa in the film’s upcoming sequel, Frozen 2.”

Maybe this Brokeback connection is Disney’s subtle hint at things to come for the Frozen characters?

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