Fun with Google’s “Gay Pride” bar!


You may have heard that the gay-friendly folks at Google (no sarcasm there, I got no beef with the Googs) have unrolled a special rainbow search results banner in time for Gay Pride.

Interestingly, the rainbow stripe only appears when certain gay-friendly search terms are entered. For example, you’ll get the fruit stripe when you search for "gay" (above)…


… but not "marcia gay harden". Which is interesting because she was in Angels in America, HELLOOOO!

A bunch more interesting results below!

Fruit stripes for "stonewall"

… but not "stonewall jackson":

You also get the bar if you search for "queer", "lesbian", "gay pride" and "transgender", but not for "fag", "dyke", "queer as folk", "homo" or "elton john". And wait, no rainbow stripes for "liza minnelli", "barbra streisand" or "over the rainbow"? Consider these pearls CLUTCHED!

Anyone else find any fun rainbow-stripe-worthy search terms?