Glee’s “Funny Girl” Tribute, Holly Holliday On “The Amazing Race”: The Week in Gleek

First Look: Funny Girl Tribute

After months of talking about Rachel’s role in the fictional Funny Girl revival, we finally down to it in next week’s post-hiatus episode, “Frenemies.” Above, Rachel is all dolled up as Fanny Brice, but there’s a wrench in her plans in the form of Santana (below), who snags the part of her understudy Who will triumph? Will the friendship survive? Is it February 25th yet?!?

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Behind The Scenes: Glee in NYC

Now that Glee has shifted to the Big Apple,  we’re getting some behind-the-scenes and candid shots from the New York set. it’s nice to know Kurt, Blaine and Rachel are all together thanks to Lea Michele’s Instagram.

Plus it’s fun to see L.A. subways transformed into New York ones (although the weather in L.A. is decidedly better right now.)


After years of playing Artie, Glee’s Kevin  McHale is taking on a new challenge as the host of a UK game show. A pilot for Virtually Famous was cut last week in London: The celebrity-panelist show pairs civilian team captains with celebrity and comedian teammates for a series of hilarious games.

Considering how much this sounds like Hollywood Game Night, we’re not exactly stunned producers went for one of Jane Lynch’s co-stars to host.

jane-lynch-interviewJane Lynch Supports Ellen Page

Speaking of Lynch, the out actress came out in support of Ellen Page, who revealed she was a lesbian last weekend.

Lynch said Page shouldn’t beat herself up about not sharing her truth earlier. “When I was younger, I lied by omission [too]. She should give herself a break and not call it ’lying,'” said Lynch at the Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists Guild Awards. “But I know what it is to feel like—you can’t be open and honest about your orientation.”

mixologyWatch Vanessa Lengies’ New Show, Mixology

Wondering what happened to Sugar Motta? She disappeared without explanation in Glee-land last season, but in the real world Vanessa Lengies has a new show on ABC.

Mixology chronicles the dating lives of the employees and patrons of a swank New York bar. Lengies playse Kacey, a bubbly cocktail waitress whose boyfriend dumped her for another dude.

Created by the producers of The Hangover, the series actually takes place over the course of one fateful night, with various characters being spotlighted each episode.

Mixology premieres next Wednesday, but the first episode is online now.

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Gleeks On The Amazing Race?

Its the ultimate cross-network crossover: Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch) and Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow) will audition for CBS’s The Amazing Race in Glee’s upcoming 100th episode. After an Instagram of the blonde duo in matching tracksuits went viral, producer Ryan Murphy revealed the Race subplot to Access Hollywood.