Queer As Folk’s Gale Harold And Randy Harrison Reunite At Fan Gathering In Spain

Brian and Justin together again!

Gale Harold and Randy Harrison have both gone on to do many other things since Queer as Folk ended its run in 2005, but the on-screen lovers reunited this weekend in Bilbao, Spain at the second annual “Gale Harold Fan Meet.”

Why did we not know Harold had his own fan club—and why weren’t we invited to join?

The actor, now appearing in the gay thriller Kiss Me Kill Me, was still bandaged from an incident with motorcycle fluid that left him with serious burns. (Harold was left in critical condition after a 2008 motorcycle accident.)

Harrison, a surprise guest, joined Harold on stage to reminisce about their QAF days and the chemistry they brought to Brian and Justin.

The two then mingled with fans.

Is this as close as we’re going to get to a Queer As Folk reunion movie?

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