“King Cobra” Star Garrett Clayton Helps Take It “Back To The ’90s” In Boy Band Video

"Your entire childhood in under five minutes."

Nostalgia for the ’90s has been all the rage for awhile now, but actors Ben Giroux and Jensen Reed recently packed everything we loved about the decade into one viral five-minute music video that will instantly transport you back to a simpler time.

After an opening scene at a garage sale, the duo breaks out into a rap that name-checks everything from Chumbawamba to Lorena Bobbitt. Several other types of ’90s music are parodied in the video, but it’s the boy band scene that really takes us back.

King Cobra star Garrett Clayton joins the guys in a giant airplane hangar to reimagine the Backstreet Boys video for “I Want It That Way,” which eventually includes appearances by Britney Spears and the Spice Girls as well.

The video already has over 37 million views on Facebook and the song even landed on the Billboard Charts two weeks in a row, proving there’s no end to our ’90s obsession.


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