Super Conservative Pundit Would Probably Abort a Gay Baby

Stop Hatin'

Bryan Fischer (Youtube)

Scientists recently released findings that suggests there is, in fact a gay gene. Some might consider this a victory for LGBT people, who can now say to the anti-equality folks out there, “See! I WAS born this way…”

Or, maybe not.

The conservative right isn’t known for its rock solid logic when it comes to why, exactly, gays are so terrible. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia basically compared gay people to murderers just the other day and this week we now have another flimsy argument against gays.

This time with reasoning from American Family Association talking head Bryan Fischer about why homosex-ulls are, in fact, afraid of the gay gene.

After calling the gay gene a genetic defect (though, he says, those godless scientists would never call it that) Fischer describes exactly why gays would never want a gay gene identified.

“I think homosexuals are afraid, and I think with good reason, that if there is some gay gene and it’s found, then parents are going to want to know, ’Does my child in the womb have the gay gene? If it does, I’m going to abort it!'”

That’s right! Fischer says all the grown up gays are afraid the in utero gays will get aborted by parents fearful their babies will come out wearing 2(X)ist boxer briefs or driving American-made pickups.

What’s strange is, Fischer and the hate group he works for are vehemently anti-abortion. Fischer once called abortion, along with gays and environmentalism, “the work of Satan himself.

But which do Fischer and his ilk hate more, abortions or gays? Would Fischer force his undoubtedly subservient wife to abort her gayby? Or would he allow it to live, only to grow up to be an interior designer who has daddy issues and wears Lip Glass?

Fischer twisted logic is giving us a headache. We need a drink and some intravenous drugs.