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Have Your Gay Bachelor Party At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art

"It’s more like a mashup of 'Sex and the City' meets fine art."

If the traditional bachelor party isn’t really your cup of tea, Museum Hack may have the alternative for you.

The interactive tour group ishosting “big gay bachelor parties” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and they promise it’s not just another night at the museum.

Niobid. Roman statue. 320 BC.
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“We spend a lot of time looking at Greek and Roman booty,” the group’s site promises, adding that each tour is optimized to create a unique experience for party goers.

Museum Hack also reminds us that because of all the affairs that took place throughout history, the stories told during the tour are usually quite scandalous.

Marble statue of dead Gaul, Roman copy of Pergamon school original
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Tours can be customized to match celebrants’ interests,with art pieces that relate to jobs, hobbies or even honeymoon destinations.

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