Gay Bar Guide: Get Real (Housewife) In Atlanta

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

On a recent trip to ATL to visit the only REAL housewife I care to call an acquaintance, I encountered fish, not from the aquarium, and took a tour of a different kind of Coke factory. I relived my own version of ‘Paris is Burning’ and experienced first-hand what it is to be Boughetto! I even went to a party orchestrated by the famed Dwight Eubanks, allegedly. I dug deep to find the best bars in Atlanta to make you feel like a B.A.P.

It’s no surprise one of my first stops was the famous Swinging Richards. Having been to their Miami location, I was excited to see some new faces swinging on poles. Although the Miami location gave me more of the “Magic Mike” fantasy most gay men have developed, Atlanta gave me strip club realness. I felt as if at any moment a drug dealer was going to drive a car through the front door and threaten management for unpaid drug money. Guys had great bodies, but lacked in overall good looks (which if we’re honest is every gay strip club I’ve been to). I still, not surprisingly, had an amazing time. An added bonus…free breakfast on Sundays! “I wanted a Denver Omelet, not a dick in my omelet!!” Swinging Richards 1400 Northside Dr. Atlanta, GA.

According to somebody, Blake’s is ‘the best place to meet men’ in Atlanta. I would not be in total agreement, but there was a decent percentage of reasonably attractive potential everything’s. I was more transposed on the heavy presence of Drag Queens, as an aspirational one myself. This is definitely more of a lounge, but the perfect week night hang out spot. No dance floor at Blakes, however I found it rather easier to find places to move and grind! Blake’s on the Park, 227 10th St Atlanta, GA.

To get the drug induced dance crave out of our systems, we went to Atlanta’s biggest gay dance club, appropriately named, The Jungle. This is really suited best just for drunk dancing with friends. Not a good place to meet husband material, the Jungle is ideal for doing drugs and losing your mind to the latest Top 40 remixes. I showed up with two girlfriends, also out of their minds, in ball gowns they bought at Dillards. Needless to say, we fit in perfectly, like the true Black American Princesses we are. The Jungle 2115 Faulkner Rd, Atlanta GA.

Voted by multiple channels at Atlanta’s best gay bar and America’s best gay bar, Mary’s was a must see stop! To our pleasant surprise, Mary’s was a quaint and eclectic little bar. This is definitely Atlanta’s neighborhood bar, and like my favorite neighborhood bar in New York, very diverse and non judgmental. The music was a great mix, always playing that song you forgot about, but are so happy to hear it play! A nice mix of GLBT and straight people, you can bring anyone and everyone to party with you. Mary’s 1287B Glenwood Ave, Atlanta GA.

“Woof” is what I had to say after seeing so many hot straight gays at the popular Atlanta Sport’s bar, Woofs. Not your typical games on the TV and beer specials sports bar, Woof’s had quite a variety of options and treats for me. I went on a Wednesday which is, thank god, Sausage and Pepperoni sandwich day, with a few rounds of Trivia to boot. Having already eaten unfortunately, I could only participate in the trivia which was fun (completely non relevant) questions and my team even won a bar tab. Other nights include country night, sporting event nights, and even Texas Hold’em poker night. I really enjoyed that although we were at a sports bar, this place still offered a lot of extras! Woofs 2425 Piedmont Rd, Atlanta GA.

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