Gay Bar Guide: 5 Best Rebound Bars In Chicago

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Break ups are a BITCH, but nothing feels better then giving your ex a big F**k you! I escaped to the tropical climate of Chicago to celebrate and mourn the end of an era with some of my best squirrel friends! We turned Boystown upside down and told more then our ex’s to eat it! This was a great place to meet cool people, and have a great time with my friends. As the great Carrie Bradshaw once said, “No Matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you’ll never get through it without your friends.”

Right off the plane, the girls and I headed straight to Boystown and stopped in Minibar for our cocktail kick off. The bar tenders are hot, the patrons are hot, the bar is hot! This was a great spot to get a taste of what was to come and find your first f**k you to help break in your hotel room! We also give Minibar our boozy brunch approval. Minibar 3339 N. Halsted Chicago IL 60657

With the possibility of a concert from The Wanted, Roscoe’s was a necessary stop. This bar has some dancing options, $15 pitcher specials, and a friendly staff! You are sure to find some NSA fun here! Roscoe’s 3356 N. Halsted Chicago IL 60657

Sidetrack is next on the list, partially because of the delicious frozen drink options which are perfect for cooling down after your dance party. This is Chicago’s go-to gay bar, and has options for everyone. For you theater queens, Out Early Show Tunes on Friday comes highly recommended.Sidetrack 3349 N Halsted Chicgao IL 60657

For those of you who want a change of scenery, or maybe this is already your thing, I suggest Jackhammer. Sometimes, a little “rough” lovin’ is what you need to get out of your funk! I loved the friendly atmosphere of this bar and obviously the Bears. I almost left without sneaking downstairs to The Hole, where you will undoubtedly find that rough lovin’ you so desperately need.Jackhammer 6406 N Clark St Chicago IL 60626

If after all the fun you have had, your mind is still on that bag of dicks you used to call your everything, The Closet is where you should go. This is a great after hours spot, where you will probably find that cute bartender who served you at Minibar, after his shift is over. This is my lesbian pick of the week, but I promise you, there is someone here for everybody! The Closet 3325 N Broadway St Chicago IL 60657

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