Gay Bar Guide: Best Gay Bars In (HO)Motown

Thomas Jane is straight, but he DID play someone from Detroit in ’Hung’ and he’s nice to look at.

It’s Grammy week, and the only thing that gets me more excited than seeing Adele beat every bitch AGAIN, is a trip to Motown. Home to divas like Aretha Franklin, Madonna, Diana Ross, and of course, Aaliyah (may she rest in peace), I knew I would fit right in!

Lock your doors, lower the blinds, and fire up the smoke machine….no but really, lock your doors. Gigi’s is in a not so great part of town, but the drag show alone is worth the risk. Venture upstairs after the show for some dancing and fabulous people watching. Gigi’s 16920 W Warren Ave, Detroit MI 48228

Any bar where Madonna once danced with the best of em’, is a must see stop on our divas tour. Menjos is a hot see-it-and-be-seen gay bar in Highland Park. A staple of the LGBT community, this spot has great music, hot dance floors, a game room, and SEVERAL bars, no wonder Madge used to hang here! Menjos 928 W McNichols Rd, Detroit MI 48228

Divas gots’to eat, which brings us to my favorite gay bar/restaurant in Detroit, Pronto!. An amazing tuna melt and music videos on all the time, this place is a dream come true! Perfect pit stop to grab food, get drunk, and sing along! Pronto! 608 S Washington Ave, Detroit Michigan 48067

The question that’s been on all of your minds…..where do the U of M boys go?! Well the answer is Necto! Gay night is Friday, a Thur-Sat happy hour to kill, big dance floors, three bars, and an eclectic crowd make this bar THE hangout spot for Detroit’s gays. For all of you struggling college students, admission is free before 11 with your college ID! Necto 516 E Liberty St, Ann Arbor MI 48104

I couldn’t wait to check out Stiletto’s with my girls! Every lesbian in the area has been to Detroit’s premiere lesbian bar. With drag shows and a dance floor; lesbian, diva, gay, or straight, you can’t go wrong! Stiletto’s 1641 Middlebert Rd, Inkster MI 48141

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