Gay Bar Guide: East Coast Hot Spots

(Photo: Daniel Garcia/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo: Daniel Garcia/AFP/Getty Images)

We recently took the East Coast by storm, traveling from Maine to Florida, and made five pit stops (well, maybe a few more)  to satisfy our thirst for warm weather, day drinking and hot boys.

Our first stop on the highway to hell, was our favorite gay bar in Boston, Machine. A frequent hot spot for the who’s who of the drag world, Machine offers up a lounge, pool table, dance floor, and drag stage all in one tight little package. While we were there, we also migrated next door to Ramrod for our leather and Levi’s fix. Prude’s beware, the back room is for serious leather fanatics only! Machine & Ramrod 1254 Boylston St, Boston MA

With plans to hit Rehoboth (obviously), we found ourselves stopping in Providence to check out this quaint little city. What we found was The Stable in downtown. This cute little hole in the wall bar was surprisingly busy for an average Thursday evening. The boys were cute, bartenders extremely friendly, and the drinks were far from your average gasoline and tonic. The champagne sangria is to die for, and so refreshing on a warm spring afternoon. Even better, the patio out back enabled us to get drunk outside, on the east coast, for the first time in months!!! The Stable 125 Washington St, Providence RI

Virginia Beach seemed like a reasonable stop to make, turns out we were wrong. Although it was not a complete loss, and we did have a great time at the local trashy gay dive, Klub Ambush. We’ve never been fans of places that spell Club with a “K,” but this bar had character and a pretty good drag show. The drinks were cheap, and, although the music was mostly hip hop, we still crumped it lowww! The proximity to a pre-school was a bit odd, and, beware friends, cops were lined up to pull over drunk drivers, so watch out girls! Klub Ambush 475 Lynnhaven Rd, Virginia Beach VA

Still in search of a fun beach that we wouldn’t be lynched at, we figured Myrtle Beach was worth a shot. MB was a little more beachy then Virginia’s sandy coasts, but the crowd wasn’t necessarily better. A local gay suggested Club Traxx as the only reasonable place to go for gay entertainment. There was a $2 cover, which was odd, and to be perfectly honest, we were expecting a CLUB, not a club, but were pleasantly surprised by the small town gay bar vibe they had going on. A full menu, with surprisingly not bad food, and a strip show on Saturday. Club Traxx 508 8th Ave N, Myrtle Beach SC

Finally, we reached the end of our journey, and with no patience for the likes of Miami, we stopped off in Ft. Lauderdale. We were shocked at how many gay bars there are in Ft. Lauderdale, and even more shocked to find a porn star themed bar, but we did, at Boardwalk. This was mostly just on our list because it was absolutely ridiculous in the “you HAVE to see it” kind of way. At one point there appeared to be more strippers then actual patrons. Variety is definitely the spice of life, and that seems to be the mantra of this bar. There was short dancers and tall dancers, fat dancers and thin dancers. Dancers with great bodies and dancers with no bodies (not literally). If you don’t have pressing plans and are OK spending $10, we urge you to check out this spectacle. Oh and drink’s aren’t cheap, but we doubt you will stay for more than one! Boardwalk 1721 Andrews Ave, Ft. Lauderdale FL

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