Gay Bar Guide: 5 DC Bars To Make You Feel Like A Proud American

This here is one proud, and hot, American. Photo Credit: Getty Images

Along with about 800,000 other people, I found myself in Washington DC this past weekend. Like most, I came to see Michelle’s bangs in person, but during my trip I found five bars that made me proud to be an American!

Every gay needs to have their Babylon experience, which is one of the reasons why Town Danceboutique makes my list this week. Their are two floors both with dancing opportunities and completely different atmospheres; which if you’re like me, allows you to experience all the gay bar you need in one night without having to travel! If we’re being honest the fact they have ’Danceboutique’ and claim to be a hot spot for “model-like lesbians” also played a role. Town Danceboutique 2009 8th Street NW Washington DC 20001
Nellie’s is a great stop to start your night with pre-drinks or end your weekend with an awesome brunch. This bar and restaurant has the “small town gay bar” feeling but is filled with big city boys! A great place to mingle and meet friends, with a variety of Sweet Tea Vodka specials….the way to any southern boy’s heart! Any place that hosts a Drag Bingo and allows you to make a reservation on OpenTable is good in my book! Nellie’s Sports Bar 900 U Street NW Washington DC 20001
The end all be all tourist attraction for the A-Typical gay tourist is truly a secret. But if you want to go to a dive bar that couples as a drag arena and male strip club, I suggest Secrets! The $10 cover will you get you discounted drinks, a hot dog, and some guys business all up in yours! Although you will have to battle against numerous bachelorette parties, Secret’s is one of the last standing completely nude male strip clubs, a must see for the non believer! Secrets 1824 Half St SW Washing DC 20024.
Walking into a local favorite, Freddie’s Beach Bar and Restaurant, I immediately felt like I was in Palm Beach. With tacky beach decor and a fun staff, this is a great low key hang out. The friendly and laid back atmosphere reminded me of Tiffany Amber Thiessen’s bar in 90210, The Peach PitSadly Christina Aguilera never came out for a surprise performance. Freddie’s Beach Bar and Restaurant  555 23rd St Arlington, VA 22202.
Sticking to my lezbro roots, Phase 1 rounds off our Americana list this week. The quaint spot in southeast DC is a real let your hair down, have a good time, cheap drinks and fast women kinda’ bar! They boast being the oldest continually operating lesbian bar in the country and, no tea no shade, it shows. But I still had a great time dancing to 80s music and drinking whiskey ginger’s! A word to the wise however, this bar keeps chivalry alive and request all men be accompanied by a woman! 525 8th St SE Washington DC 20003.

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