Gay Blood Art Project Coming To New York

"Blood Mirror," a seven-foot column filled with blood from nine gay men, goes on view at Trinity Church in November.

Jordan Eagles’ “Blood Mirror,” a seven-foot clear tower filled with the blood of gay, bi and trans men, is coming to Trinity Church, site of the first ACT UP demonstrations back in the 1980s.

Jordan Eagles

The work, currently on view at American University, is a visual statement on the FDA’s ban on blood donations from men who have sex with men. Eagles also collaborated with filmmaker Leo Herrera and D.J. duo The Carry Nation, who captured the two-year process behind the work’s creation.

“We were thrilled to collaborate with our brothers on such a powerful piece, providing the soundtrack to Leo’s video,” the Carry Nation tells us. “Musically, our journey began with the heartbeat, the rhythm that connects all of us.”

Jordan Eagles

Eagles told New York/a>, “the aim in bringing the exhibition up from Washington is to position the issue not only as a political one, but also as a deeply spiritual matter.”

Contributors include an Army captain, a Nigerian activist, Gay Men’s Health Crisis co-founder Larry Mass, and Reverend John Moody, a former Trinity Church priest.

Blood Mirror will be on view at Trinity Church from November 2 through December 1, World AIDS Day.