Gay Celebrity Boyfriends!

Ah, celebrities! We just can’t get
enough of ‘em. We adulate them, imitate them, fantasize about them,
and sometimes, yes, even ridicule them.

And now that more and more celebrities
are bravely coming out, we gay and bisexual men and our supporters have
more celebrities to fixate on than ever before.

But you can’t obsess over celebrities
forever. Eventually the time comes to move on
to other things.

What’s that, you say? You think I’m
talking about our own mundane lives?

Don’t be ridiculous! I’m talking
about these celebrities’ boyfriends!

But while lesbians have Ellen and Portia
and Melissa and Tammy, gay and bisexual men have never had an openly
gay power-couple, where both members of the duo are bona fide celebrities
(and no, Lance Bass and Reichen Lehmkuhl don’t count). For all the
openly gay celebrities to date, their other halves have been non-celebrities,
mostly unknown to the public at large.

So what it’s like to be the gay wind
beneath someone else’s wings?

It’s complicated, Neil Patrick Harris
recently told Out Magazine.
“If we walk hand-in-hand down the red carpet together, then he’s
known as being linked to me. But if I walk down the red carpet and he
goes ahead of me, then it looks like we’re not proud of being with
each other.”

No doubt these relationships are

Given that so many of these celebrities
and their boyfriends are so attractive, let’s face it: they’re also
kinda hot.

Anyway, decided to take
a closer look at the mostly-unheralded folks who carve out their own careers in the shadows
of their more famous counterparts!

Mark Cornelsen (Boyfriend of T.
R. Knight)

Photo credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Much has been made of the age difference
between Cornelsen, 19, and his celebrity boyfriend,T . R. Knight, 35.
But by all accounts, the relationship has been great for them both.

The two men met in October of 2007
when Knight was hosting an award ceremony for the Matthew Shepard Foundation
and Cornelsen was the 2007 Matthew Shepard Point Scholar. “I was surprised
he was interested!” Knight has said.

But Cornelsen reportedly grew up early,
leaving home at age 16 when his parents rejected him for being gay.
He graduated high school a year early and worked multiple jobs to pay
for college at San Francisco State University. The couple now live together
in Los Angeles, but — despite being misquoted on a number
of websites — say they have no plans to marry or adopt a child any
time soon.


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Ryan Barry (Boyfriend of
Reichen Lehmkuhl)

Photo credit: Michael Tran/FilmMagic

Barry is the new, uh, face of Armani
Exchange underwear. In addition to being a model, he has a background
in dance and gymnastics. He’s also a personal trainer in Palm Springs
and Laguna Beach, though the “gallery” of his website does not,
oddly enough, include photos of his satisfied clients, but rather himself.

Photo credit: A/X

Ryan’s MySpace page includes his philosophy of life: “Everything happens for a reason; the universe
unfolds exactly as it should. Keep living dreams, having fun, and making
the most of every day. Our time on earth is short, so live it to the
fullest! Don’t waste time; do what you love and be true to yourself.
Take time to pray. Our journey is greater than the destination; we can
go searching for something all our lives, but the experiences and relationships
we make along the way ultimately reveal the treasure that was always

Photo credit: Michael Tran/Getty Images

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David Burtka (Partner of Neil Patrick

Photo credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

These days, Burtka, 33, is rather well
known for being the “better half” of Neil Patrick Harris, 35, but
he’s actually a very accomplished stage actor in his own right whose
credits include the New York premiere of Beautiful Thing
(1999), Edward Albee’s The Play About the Baby (2001), Gypsy
(with Bernadette Peters, 2003), and The Opposite of Sex (2004).
Burtka is also the father of twins from a prior same-sex relationship.

Harris & Burtka (right), Halloween 2007

Photo credit: Mike Guastella/Getty Images

Harris and Burtka wear matching rings,
despite the fact that they’re not yet married. "I’m a big proponent
of monogamous relationships regardless of sexuality, and I’m proud of
how the nation is steering toward that," Harris told Out.
As to whether he and Burtka will marry now that it’s legal in California,
"I think if and when we do [get married], we’d probably announce
it after the fact as opposed to making any big announcement.”

Photo credit: Bruce Glikas/Getty Images


Jeremy Glazer (Partner of Chad Allen)

Photo credit: Thos Robinson/Getty Images

Jeremy Glazer
and boyfriend Chad Allen don’t just share a life together; they also appeared on-screen together in the 2007 movie, Save Me. Also a professional actor, Glazer has done
a great deal of commercial work and appeared in the movies Letters
from Iwo Jima
(2006) and Moonlight Serenade (2006)
as well as landing small parts on TV including on Veronica Mars,
and 7th Heaven.

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Photo credit: Melinda Dahl/Getty Images

A native of Long
Island, Glazer attended the University of Delaware before heading to
Hollywood where he worked as a production assistant before finally deciding
to pursue acting.

He and Allen have been a couple for
three years and Allen speaks glowingly of their relationship, but the
two currently have no plans to get married.

Photo credit: Chad Buchanan/Getty Images


Scott Gill (Partner of John Barrowman)

Opposites attract in the case of Torchwood star John Barrowman and Gill, his 46 year-old partner; Barrowman is famously outspoken and cheeky, but Gill, a British architect, is considerably more shy.

Gill and Barrowman, who have homes
in London and Wales, have been a couple for fifteen years after having
first met in 1993 when Barrowman performed in Rope. In an interview
with Out Magazine, Gill said that when he saw Barrowman in the play,
he thought, "That’s the guy I’d like to have a relationship
with." The play’s seven-minute nude scene involving Barrowman
and two other male actors may have had something to do with Gill’s thinking.

Photo credit: Anthony Harvey/WireImage

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In typical fashion, Barrowman says Gill has “a
body like an Armani model" and, well, an impressive donkey-like attribute. The two were
joined in a civil partnership in December of 2006 and gay fans were
delighted during London Pride in 2007 when Barrowman pulled Gill on
to the stage for a kiss.


David Furnish (Partner of Elton

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Some gay celebrity boyfriends chafe
at being so closely identified with a famous person, but Elton John’s
partner has embraced the role, going so far as to direct a warts-and-all
documentary, Tantrums and Tiaras (1997), about their life together.
Given John’s reputation for extravagance and self-centeredness, Furnish,
45, probably had no other option. But he has since started to stake
out a non-John-related name for himself, directing and producing other
films and penning columns for Interview and GQ.

Photo credit: Michael Tran/Getty Images

Interestingly, Furnish had brushes
with fame even before partnering with Elton John, reportedly attending a Toronto
high school with both Mike Meyers.

Photo credit: Dominique Charriau/FilmMagic

Photo credit: Felix Magno/Getty Images

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Brian Hargrove (Partner of David
Hyde Pierce)

Hyde Pierce & Hargrove (right)

Photo credit: Ryan Miller/Getty Images

Frasier star David Hyde Pierce, 49, had been
living with Hargrove, 52, for many years before he casually referred
to him as his “partner” in a 2007 interview. A call from
to Pierce’s publicist confirmed that, no, he didn’t mean “business
partner.” Later that year, Pierce won the Tony for his role in the
Broadway musical Curtains and thanked "my partner, Brian,
because it’s 24 years of listening to your damn notes — that’s why
I’m up here tonight."

There was probably truth to the sentiment.
Hargrove is an accomplished television writer/director, having worked
on Caroline in the City and Dave’s World and co-creating


Grant Shaffer (Partner of Alan Cumming)

Shaffer (left) & Cumming

Photo credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images

Shaffer, an American graphic artist,
married Cumming, the openly bisexual Scottish actor, in a civil ceremony
near London in 2007 after dating two years. The couple now live in Manhattan
and, according to Cumming, “would dearly like to adopt a child.”


Kenny Goss (Partner of George Michael)

Goss (left) & Michaels
Photo credit: JIL Studio/FilmMagic

It’s said about many boyfriends that “he has the patience of a saint.” But after Michael’s multiple
arrests for drug possession and public sex, the words probably have
probably never been more true of anyone than George Michael’s boyfriend,
Kenny Goss.

The 50-year-old Texan native was actually
wealthy before meeting Michael, one of the world’s richest celebrities,
at the Beverly Hot Springs in 1996; a former gymnast and cheerleading
coach, Goss made millions as a salesman of cheerleading equipment. Goss
is now an art collector who runs the Goss-Michael Foundation, a Dallas
gallery that showcases works by “established and emerging British
artists.” The couple also have homes in London and Oxfordshire.


Brad Altman (husband of George Takei)

George Takei (left) & Brad Altman

Photo credit: Gil Kaan

Fifty-four-year-old Brad Altman isn’t just Star Trek star George Takei’s partner; he’s also his full-time business manager.
The two have been a couple for twenty-one years, but earlier this year
they finally had a chance to make honest men of each other, getting married in California. Altman is an outspoken advocate of
same-sex marriage rights, going so far as to make his and Takei’s wedding public in hopes of swaying the hearts and minds of California, which faces a November vote on an initiative that would curtail same-sex marriage rights.

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Altman was born in Phoenix, Arizona,
and attended California State University where he studied journalism.
He tells that his favorite hobby is attending the theater
and as for being the husband of George, “I am the luckiest person
in the world.”

Photo credit: David McNew/Getty Images


Ben Thigpen/Pedro
Andrade (Former Boyfriends of Lance Bass)

Lance Bass’ most recent ex-boyfriends
include Thigpen, a 29 -year-old New York hairdresser, and Andrade, a
29-year-old Brazilian model. We don’t know much about them, but they
tell us a lot about Bass: namely, being a former member of a
once-famous boy-band is enough to get you a shockingly hot boyfriend
even years after the fact.

Bass & Ben Thigpen (right)

Pedro Andrade