Gay Chinese Pulp Erotic Novels Are All The Rage For Vietnamese Teens

Author Zane Poses For Portrait

Vietnamese authorities have increased concern over the rise in popularity of gay Chinese pulp erotic novels among teens and young adults.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Information and Communication is seeking to stop the publication of what they’re deeming ‘oversentimental sex fiction of Chinese origin.’

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According to Vietnam’s Tuoi Tre (Youth) newspaper, the “rubbish Chinese fiction, which is rife with mawkish and sexual elements, has cast an insidious spell.”


According to the report, the novels published online can average anywhere from several hundred thousand to ten million views–with comments in the thousands.

The English translation of several of the most popular novels are: “Do You Like America?” “Moonlight Doesn’t Understand How I Feel,” “Let Me Look Toward You,” “Forever Together,” and “I’m Just Like Radiant Sunlight.”


The erotic novels fall into one of two categories.

The first: Shoddily written soppy stories which depict promiscuous characters and their casual sexual encounters.

The second: Those in which the writers make it a point to describe sex scenes between characters in great, obscene detail including incestuous relationships and sexually deviant elements such as polygamy.


The Ministry of Information and Communications publishing department director Chu Van Hoas told Tuoi Tre that his department was increasing its efforts to deter people from publishing the material in Vietnam–whether that be in print or online.

Good luck with that, Ministry.


h/t: Gay Star News