Gay Comic H. Alan Scott On Movember, Testicular Cancer And His “Chemocation”: WATCH

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Comedian H. Alan Scott was only 30 when he was diagnosed with testicular cancer—he felt a pain in his groin and just assumed he pulled a muscle. “I knew it wasn’t an STD, because having actual person to person sex is involved with acquiring an STD, h alan scott wand well, I’ll just leave it at that,” Alan told MTV Act. “Then the doctors confirmed I had elevated HCG levels (a hormone indicating tumorous growth in men), and found a big tumor in my left testicle. They took the testicle out, confirmed it was cancerous, and BOOM, my #Chemocation started.”

Alan had surgery in August 2012 and went through chemotherapy through the end of that year. (He’s showing no signs of cancer currently but will be closely monitored for the next five years.)

He, shares his saga with humor and insight, above. And if his story gets you thinking maybe it’s time to perform a testicular-cancer self exam, here’s how.

Below, Scott  first came to our attention last year with his funny-but-all-too-true “H. Alan Scott is Single”

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