Gay High School Couple Kicked Out of Restaurant for Hugging

Students are now calling for a boycott of the Chicago restaurant, Big Boy Gyros.

A gay couple in Chicago say they were discriminated against by a restaurant across from their high school, and now students are calling for a boycott.

The young men, Kendall Anderson and Peder Sevig, were with a group of friends at Big Boy Gyros, where they shared a hug, allegedly setting off the cashier. Anderson told CBS 2 the cashier informed them it was okay for a guy and girl to show affection like that, but not two males.

Fellow Lane Tech classmate and friend Lyla Stern, who was also present at the alleged incident, gave a similar account of events to Fox 32 News. Anderson, Sevig, and their friends decided to leave.

“Right before we left he said, ’Get out. We don’t want your kind here, anyway,'” Anderson said.

Big Boy Gyros employee

When reporters from CBS 2 went into the restaurant to ask about the situation, the man students identified as the person who yelled at the couple (pictured above) said he was just a customer, and another employee demanded they turn off the camera. No one from the Big Boy Gyros would agree to speak on the record.

Students are calling for a boycott, and the school’s administration has gotten involved.

“As a community, we stand strong and we want to make it clear that Lane Tech does not stand for discrimination of any kind,” school officials said in a statement.

“We will not tolerate hatred and will not support an organization that promotes hatred of any kind. We support any students, staff and community members that choose to not support Big Boy Gyros. This incident will be addressed in person by Lane Tech’s administration.”

NewNowNext has reached out to the restaurant for comment, and this article will be updated if there is a response.

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