Gay Couple Stand Up To Neo-Nazi Rally With A Big, Beautiful Kiss

"I turned to my friend and did what I thought would annoy them the most."

A photo of two men kissing in front of a neo-Nazi rally has gone viral on Twitter. David Fernández and Gregor Eistert were on a date in Madrid on Saturday, searching for a place to grab a drink, when members of Hogar Social Madrid began shouting “You’ve got AIDS!,” “maricóń” (“faggot”) and other slurs at them.

Rather than run in fear, the couple decided to fight hate with love, and staged a big kiss in front of the homophobes.

“I turned to my friend and did what I thought would annoy them the most,” Fernández told Buzzfeed. He called the kiss “completely spontaneous” and “coming from a place of anger.”

The group was spewing hate against recent immigrants, but police actually broke up the kiss and asked Fernández and Eistert to move along.

madrid neo-nazi rally

“I couldn’t understand why they were kicking us out of the square when the ones committing a hate crime were them,” Fernández said, adding that it was probably just easier to move them than 10,000 neo-Nazis.

Since then, there’s been a massive outpouring of support online.

“ETERNAL love for David and Gregor. Thank you for being so brave and so precious! <3”

“Beautiful and epic moment of the kiss of David and Gregor against Nazi demonstration on Saturday in Madrid.”

“Look at the faces the Nazi scum from Hogar Social de Madrid have. These guys had a great time at their expense.”

h/t: Gay Star News

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