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Gay Couple Only Fatalities In Horrific Hotel Fire In Scotland

One of the men was a travel journalist who was staying at the hotel on assignment.

A massive fire that engulfed a five-star luxury hotel in Scotland over the weekend took the lives of a gay couple who were staying there.

Travel writer Simon Midgley, 32, and his TV-producer boyfriend Richard Dyson, 38, were named as the two fatalities of the fire that took over the Cameron House Hotel beginning at 6am on Sunday.

The blaze reportedly swept through several floors in just a matter of minutes as more than 200 frightened guests fled outside in their pajamas.

Midgley worked as a freelance travel and culture reporter for the London Evening Standard, and was at the hotel on assignment from the paper in order to review his experience at the property.

The cause of the blaze, which reportedly took firefighters nearly 12 hours to control, has not yet been determined.

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