5 Gay Couples We Want To Happen In 2013

Christmas time is almost here, and 0ur Christmas wish is to see these five couples* happen in 2013. Everyone deserves to have someone to kiss under the mistletoe, right?

1. Anderson Cooper & Nate Silver
The CNN news anchor and New York Times writer are both obviously news junkies, and we think they would be an unexpectedly perfect couple. Maybe in 2013 we’ll see a romance not even Nate Silver himself could have predicted.

2. Neil Patrick Harris & David Hyde Pierce
They both have three names, they’re both exceptional performers and they’ve both starred on Broadway! Besides, can you imagine a more charming date than one between these stars of Frasier and How I Met Your Mother?

3. Zachary Quinto & Cheyenne Jackson
Cheyenne Jackson can’t help but be likeable, and Zachary Quinto has played some of the most compelling villains on TV. We think their dark and light sides would balance either other out well. Next year we hope to see a mind-meld between these two.

4. Jon Hamm and Nick Offerman
We know that Nick Offerman is married and that Jon Hamm has a serious girlfriend, but pairing the two manliest men on TV this season is too good to resist. And maybe it could lead to that Mad Men/Parks & Rec crossover episode we’ve all been waiting for.

5. Ian McKellan & George Takei
The Star Trek and Hobbit stars are both in their seventies and both passionate about gay rights. And whether it’s a turn on Extras or Conan, they’ve both shown themselves to have great senses of humor. A union between Gandalf and Sulu would be a match made in nerd heaven.

*We realize some of these men are straight and/or already in relationships. Calm down if you’re getting upset.

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